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Best Offline Adventure Game on Android Mobile

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Sabtu, 14 Mei 2022, 15:56 WIB Last Updated 2022-05-14T08:56:15Z
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Best Offline Adventure Game on Android Mobile - Adventure or adventure genre game is one of the games that has quite a lot of enthusiasts. By playing the game we can adventure in the virtual world without the need to move from our current place.

Game Offline Seru Gratis

Well this time Carisinyal will review the list of the best Android adventure games that can be played offline. There are various games that are paid, some are free, and some are free with additional in-app purchase.

The following offline Android adventure game is no less exciting than the Android MMORPG game. The reason is, you not only go around, you will also face a variety of missions and challenges that you can conquer. There is even an adventurous game that makes you have to fight the enemy.

1. Final Fantasy IV (3D Remake)

Many Final Fantasy games that you can play on the Android platform, but the best according to Carisinyal is Final Fantasy IV. The reason is, this game has an adventure side with a fantasy theme that is quite strong and emotional.

This is the first time Square Enix has applied the concept of ATB (Action Time Battle) which increases the style of turn based to be more fun. This time, the enemy will not be quiet waiting for you to enter the order, but will continue to carry out attacks based on each ATB bar.

What's really interesting, Cutscene in this game also presents voice acting that animates so that it can increase imminctive. 

2. Evoland 2

Want to play RPG games? Menembak? Balapan? Instead of being confused, it's better to just play this innovative Evoland 2 game. Yes, this Android offline game presents a multigenre that will move on the stage of the stage that the player goes through.

Initially, Evoland 2 will offer 2D RPG graphics treats as we encountered in ancient RPGs. Gradually, this graphics will "evolve" to 3D and present a new combid mechanism as well.

So that players do not get bored quickly, Evoland 2 also presents a variety of changing artstyles. To make the game more fun, don't forget to use an external controller because Evoland 2 supports almost all Bluetooth gamepad. To buy this game, visit the Play Store .

3. Oddmar

If you don't have a strong console or PC to play Assassin's Creed Valhalla or Valheim, you can play Oddmar on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Equally the theme of Viking, you will play a village member named Oddmar who is considered less worthy of getting a place in Valhalla.

Therefore, other villagers are ostracized Oddmar and he must prove that he is not as bad as what people imagine. As a result Oddmar was given the opportunity to prove himself.

The game that carries the platformer genre will bring its players along the forest with beautiful graphics. There will be many interesting puzzles to solve. Can you complete all the stages and improve the reputation of Oddmar? .

4. Oceanhorn

Simply by looking at some screenshots from Oceanhorn, anyone can guess that the graphic quality is indeed a class of Triple A games on a console. Tells the story of a child left by his father, you must explore the island and ocean and learn magic to be able to defeat monsters that roam.

Various fun activities can be done in this game, such as fishing, sailing, collecting collectibles, and many more.

Wrapped in 3D graphics that spoil the eyes, this offline adventure game also presents a soundtrack from the legendary composer of Nobuo Uematsu which also makes songs for the Final Fantasy series.

5. Dragon Quest Series

IMTERI the fantasy world contained in the Dragon Quest Series!

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